Denver: To Stem or Not to Stem

Long holiday weekends are the perfect occasions to hop on a plane and catch up with old friends. When you can get airline tickets for $59 each way ... well, that makes the trip pretty much mandatory, right? God bless Southwest Airlines.

Owen and I arrived to Denver's sunny evening skies last Thursday, with a whole weekend stretched out before us! The friendly people at Hertz tried to "upgrade" us. That is code for "Let's give them the car we can't get anyone else to take." And, that car would be the HHR, a truly revolting mini-windshield ugly car. We actually drove it around the lot, reparked it, and went inside to decline the complimentary upgrade. The staff person said, "Oh, yeah, most people don't like that car." hhmmm. We ended up with a Mazda 5, which had nice, BIG windows .. which is just what you need when you are driving around Beautiful Colorado!

This is not "the" HHR we were given--just someone else's hideous HHR I found on the internet. What was Chevy thinking?

We headed out Highlands Ranch, a far south suburb of Denver to see my old college friend, Trish, and her family. I can still remember E-470 and Highlands Ranch from my younger years growing up in Denver. They seemed so far away from everything. Now, there's housing everywhere, outdoor shopping centers and asphalt cover the plains. It really gives you a sense of how fast Denver is growing.

There's always something lovely about seeing friends you haven't seen for a few years. When we arrived, Trish and her family were waiting and armed with plates of Gouda and brie, and fruit and wine! Being the old-school gal I am, I opted for a stemmed glass when offered "stemmed or not." My god, I now know in need to do away with my own mish-mash collection of wine glasses and, at the very least, get one matching set .... stemmed or not!

The next day, we were off to Aspen!

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Johnny Smoke said...

Who doesn't love a HHR?